The St. Augustine Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a public agency consisting of the members of the City Commission, who are enabled by the Community Redevelopment Act (1969) to implement redevelopment activities at the local level. The St. Augustine CRA oversees two Community Redevelopment Areas within the City of St. Augustine: the Historic Area Transportation and Parking Community Redevelopment Area (HTPCRA) and the Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Area (LCRA). In order to establish a Community Redevelopment Area, a formal study must be conducted called a “Finding of Necessity” to assess conditions of blight in a proposed area. A technical term defined in the Florida Statutes, blight means an area exhibits signs of physical and economic distress. The St. Augustine CRA was established in 2000 in conjunction with the HPTCRA to address conditions of blight connected with traffic and parking in the downtown area. In 2013, the LCRA was established to address blight connected with inadequate lot sizes and street layout, and deteriorating buildings and sites in Lincolnville. 

The Break Room interview: CRA 101 - a great explanation of the CRA, LCRA, and its tremendous importance to the preservation and restoration of areas within the City of St. Augustine.

CRA Funding
Community redevelopment activities in these two areas are primarily funded through the growth of assessed property values, called tax increment financing (TIF). Tax increment revenue is derived from ad valorem property taxes. When a Community Redevelopment Area is established, the assessed value of the entire redevelopment area is set at the base year value. Thereafter, additional increases in taxes are dedicated to that redevelopment area. For both the HTPCRA and LCRA, the St. Johns County Property Appraiser determines the the taxable values of those areas, and the difference between the base year and current year, which is referred to as the "increment." The St. Augustine CRA operates on a fiscal year from October 1st-September 30th, and at the beginning of each year, the increment is placed into each redevelopment areas' trust funds and may only be reinvested back into the HTPCRA and LCRA, respectively. 

View this page for Financial Information for the LCRA and HTPCRA. Financial reporting for all local governments in Florida, including St. Augustine, can be viewed at the Florida Department of Financial Services website.

To learn more about the state legislation under which the Lincolnville CRA operates, visit the following links: