Purpose & History

Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Area (LCRA)

In 2012, the City of St. Augustine hired a consultant to conduct a Finding of Necessity study to assess conditions of blight in Lincolnville. As a result of finding such conditions, the City Commission established the LCRA on April 8, 2013.

Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Area


The purpose of the LCRA is to promote the preservation and improvement of the Lincolnville neighborhood by implementing and encouraging physical revitalization and economic growth.


A Redevelopment Plan was formed that recommends actions for eliminating the existing conditions of blight, and also reflects the community’s desire for change in the neighborhood. To create this plan, a three-day charette was held in January 2013 with members of the public regarding goals for redevelopment in Lincolnville. The charette participants focused on discussing:

  • Amenities
  • Beautification in Lincolnville
  • Connectivity
  • Infrastructure
  • Land-use
  • Sense of place

The adopted Lincolnville Redevelopment Plan (PDF) recommends projects and programs that are consistent with this discussion.

Redevelopment Plan Amendment

In 2017, after much public input, a Redevelopment Plan Amendment (PDF) was adopted. The Redevelopment Plan addressed only new or reinforced elements of the original plan.  Based on the results of the community involvement process, three main topics were prioritized: Preserving African-American Heritage and retaining long-term residents, preserving Lincolnville’s historic character, and conducting neighborhood improvements.

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